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       Company Profile

The Pious International (Pvt) Ltd       


We have 20 years experience in the field of manufacturing, quality control, of sports goods. The manufacturing process is carried out  under one roof by very well trained and expert artisans.

Maximum emphasis is placed on quality control and timely deliveries.

Most attractive aspect of our business is competitive prices. We maintain constant and incessant vigil over stocks, inventories, material under production and over heads. This helps in keeping cost of products at minimum level. The benefits of low cost, we believe in sharing with our customers.

That is why we have most satisfied and successful wholesalers the world over. Consequently we sell more at lower prices.


Mission Statement

The pious International (Pvt) Ltd seeks to become the leading ethical manufacturers of  Boxing Equipment and Martial Art Uniforms Equipment in the country servicing an expanding base of satisfied, international clients.



"Ensure high-quality, cost efficiency and timely delivery, through professional structures and innovative business processes, to extend its role as a model of corporate responsibility,”

Our Quality Policy                                                                                    I.       Maintain optimal production process.        

 II.      Execution of well-defend job orders.                               

III.     Monitoring of technical specification at each stage. 

 IV.    Quality execution to the customer’s satisfaction.   

  V.     Establish traceability and accountability process           

 VI.    Harboring innovation according to changing scenarios. 

VII.   Research and development to assist production                       


VIII.  Breed employee motivation attitude with freedom of                


  IX.   Maintain safe and health working atmosphere.

Our Products Range


Boxing Gloves, Belly Protection, Head Guard, Boxing Singlets, Punching Bags,Training Kick Shields, Punching Mitts, Boxing Shoes, Boxing Shorts, Boxing T-Shirts, Boxing Trouser, Boxing Pants, Double End and Speed Balls, Madicine Balls, Duffle Bags, Chest Guards, Kick Shields, MMA Gloves, Shin Guards/Pads, Braces Pads,  Ankle Guards, Groin/Abdominal  Guards, Bags/Training Gloves, Karate Gloves, Taekwondo Shoes, Elasticated Protectors, Weight Lifting Belts, Accessories, Skipping Ropes

Sports Gloves

Baseball Gloves, Bo-Ball Gloves, Baseball Batting Gloves, Baseball Bats, Mechanics Gloves, Ski Gloves. Motorbike Gloves, Working Gloves, Summer Gloves, Bicycle Gloves

Martial Arts

Karate Uniform,  Judo Uniform, Kungfu Uniform, Ninja Uniforms, Taekwondo Uniform, Kick Boxing Uniform, MMA Shorts and trousers, Colour Belts,

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Prof.Rana Majid 

Chief Executive



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